Michael D. Kane, Ph.D.
  Associate Professor


  (1) Associate Professor,
   Bioinformatics and Genomics,
   Department of Computer and
   Information Technology

  (2) Lead Genomic Scientist,
  Bindley Bioscience Center at
  Discovery Park

  (3) University Faculty Scholar

  (4) Visiting Research Scientist,
    Ohio Northern University
    School of Pharmacy

  Purdue University,
  West Lafayette, IN 47907-2021
  (765) 494-2564,
  FAX (765) 496-1212
  email: mdkane (AT) purdue.edu


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Professional Interests:

Dr. Kane's professional interests involve aspects of genomics, biomedical informatics, healthcare technology, and higher education. His professional experience includes preclinical and clinical research in the pharmaceutical industry, serving as the Vice President of research and development at a multinational genomics/biotechnology company, and co-founding biotechnology companies based on technology and methods that I developed/patented. His primary interests have involved the development and utilization of genomic detection technologies, primarily DNA microarray methods, which have been applied to exploratory discovery and disease management projects in agricultural, ecological, preclinical and clinical studies. His paper on the genomic and algorithmic methods for DNA probe design in DNA microarray detection has been cited by over 500 articles, has been internationally adopted as a standard method for DNA probe design and sequence analysis in genomics (referred to as “Kane’s criteria” or “Kane’s parameters”), and is the most common method utilized by commercial DNA microarray probe design software systems. In addition, he has developed data management tools in support of pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine, which have been extensively utilized as a teaching tool for healthcare professionals, and serves as the basis for a seed-stage healthcare data management company (Genomic Guidance, LLC).

In service to Purdue he served as the Chair of Graduate Education in his department at Purdue University and served as the primary author on the department’s Indiana Commission of Higher Education-approved proposal for its Masters of Science degree. Additional graduate education projects include leading an effort to launch the department’s first distance/online MS degree program in Information Technology Project Management (launched in the Fall, 2011), and developing and delivering a graduate coursework at the Dublin Institute of Technology (Dublin, Ireland). In addition to his experience in applied genomics research, he serves as an expert witness in criminal cases involving DNA evidence.


Genomics and Personalized Medicine

Dr. Kane's team has developed an online education
and training tool in support of pharmacogenomics
and personalized medicine called
funded by a grant from Microsoft External Research. This is a free, online software system available for anyone to utilize.




New Textbook in Personalized Medicine

In collaboration with colleagues, we have completed a textbook that explores personalized medicine from the perspective of pharmacogenetics, pharmacokinetics, and pharmacodynamics.

Excerpt from Publisher's Website:

"Pharmacogenetics, Kinetics, and Dynamics for Personalized Medicine provides a primer to understand the interface between pharmacogenetics (the study of genetic factors that influence how a drug works) and pharmacokinetics (how the body handles a drug) and pharmacodynamics (and the affect(s) of a drug on the body ) and how this can allow for optimal individual patient care, that is, “personalized medicine.” Reviewing these parameters, students will learn how the genetic constitution of an individual may lead to the need for an altered dose or in some cases alternative drug therapy. This contemporary text presents a number of drugs, describing specific relationships between genetics and drug action and how the body handles the particular drug as well as specific case examples of genetics related to adverse drug reactions, altered metabolism, and drug efficacy. This text also addresses issues, including ethics related to pharmacogenomics, and study designs, among other topics."


Functional Genomics

Collaborating with other scientists at Purdue University, genomic detection systems have been developed and utilized that detect changes in the regulation of genes in agricultural, ecological and microbial organisms.



Technology Entrepreneurship

Dr. Kane is a co-founder Broadband Antenna Tracking Systems, Inc., which is commercializing innovative wireless technology developed at Purdue University. In addition, he is co-founder of Genomic Guidance, LLC., which is commercializing technology developed at Purdue University to facilitate the utilization of clinical genotyping in support of therapeutic decision support in healthcare.


DNA Forensics

Dr. Kane serves as a consultant and expert witness in criminal cases and litigation involving DNA evidence. This includes case work as well as instruction for professionals in the legal community that want to know more about the role of human genomics in forensics.





Raabe College of Pharmacy, Ohio Northern University

Dr. Kane serves as a Visiting Research Scientist at the Raabe College of Pharmacy at Ohio Northern University. In this role he is working with ONU Pharmacy faculty to develop a world-class education and training program in personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics for pharmacy students, as well as practicing pharmacists.


Electric Vehicles

Dr. Kane converted a 1973 Volkswagen to an electric vehicle, and also lead the effort to build an electric go-kart to compete in the inaugural Purdue EVGrand Prix.






Department of Computer and Information Technology (C&IT)
College of Technology

Graduate Studies in C&IT

Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana


  Biomedical Informatics (CNIT 458)

  Bioinformatics Computing and System Integration (CNIT 558)